There is nothing real about reality television folks, is there?. It’s scripted as far as I can tell. Imagine the producer coming in before the screening of any given reality show and telling their ‘stars’ that, “ratings are low. We need more drama. Could you start a fight with ‘so and so’?” This is what they are calling reality these days? They are technically acting. I just call it making believe. It is acting in much the same way we did as children when the “believe” part of it came much more freely.

Reality show, for show

In the reality show, “Naked and afraid, they are supposed to be stranded.

Of course, in reality, we know that is not possible. They are followed around by a camera crew, who I’m certain carry with them such necessities as, bug spray and communication devices. Moreover, there are probably emergency procedures in place for any eventuality. It is a business afterall.

In the “Little womenreality franchise there is a neverending series of dramatic fights. The fact that it is acted might even escape all but the most observant. But the important thing to remember here is that the drama probably always arrives via play acting. It might even end in real tears. But, if you have ever acted or play acted, you would agree, acting can become that encompassing. Let’s be real though.

(pun intended) Reality shows may be nothing more than an extended version of Jerry Springer, Ricky Lake or some other venue for human weakness.

In the “Kardashian” franchise one can witness shameless displays of shallow narcissism and/or voyeurism. That may very well be reality for the Kardashians, but it’s not reality for like 90 percent of the world.

On the other hand, if that is a reality which you aspire to have, I would suggest first seeing a therapist.

Reality television , attention deficit world

You might say reality shows are harmless. I’m not certain that’s true. The trouble is, I think, that people still watch upwards of five hours of television a day.

Even with all the handheld devices, tablets, and laptop computers littering the world, people still watch that much television every single day.

That usually takes the place of learning, family, exercise, or actual social and/or physical contact with other human beings. I believe we’re getting collectively dumber as a species.

We waste an average of 5 hours a day watching shows about fake reality, before or after spending several more hours mindlessly sharing memes and cat pictures. We are like cats chasing laser pointers in an ever more attention deficit world.