"Naked and Afraid" will be attempting something that has never been done before when they strand two survivalists on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. During past seasons, participants have had a hard enough time procuring food and water to survive on land. Now, two "Naked And Afraid" participants will find themselves in an even more difficult situation while floating on the vast ocean. The pair will have to dig down deep and utilize their combined knowledge, talent, and skills if they want to survive for 21 Days on a raft.

Several unique issues will arise as the participants adjust to this new dynamic

Hopefully, the raft-bound pair can swim and aren't afraid of water since they will begin their survival challenge in the open waters around the Exumas Cays in the Bahamas. Consisting of over 365 islands, the survivalists should be able to find enough fish, and perhaps even a lobster or two, to supplement what will most likely be a very meager diet. As for finding fresh water, their only option may be to find a way to save whatever rain water happens to fall.

As they drift around for 21 days, they will also need to be mindful of the hazards around them such as sharks, jellyfish, and storms that could erupt with little warning.

The pair will be thrown together on the raft with very little space, so hopefully they will take a liking to each other right away. There will be no walking off to cool down after a disagreement, and there will be no way to have a few moments of alone time. Personal space is out as well, they will had to adjust to doing everything in close proximity for 21 days, unless one or both of the survivalists can't handle the extreme conditions and decide to tap out.

The new batch of survivalists will be in several different locations

The sneak-peek video from the show's Twitter page includes several scenes of this season's survivalists, and one shows a woman diving off a boat. As she dives in, there is a quick glimpse of what looks like an inflatable red and black raft floating a short distance away.

The raft doesn't look very big, and if there are absolutely no supplies on board, then they are in for a very rough time. For some of the other participants, their time on "Naked and Afraid" doesn't exactly look like a walk in the park, either. One woman is lying on the ground and states that she can't feel anything below her shoulders.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you think anyone can survive on a raft with no supplies for 21 days? The new season premieres on Sunday, July 30 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.