The Pittsburgh Steelers have been the most consistent organization in all of football for some time. They have had three coaches in a more than 40 year span, and they have won five Super Bowls. They have a longstanding family ownership team, and they allow their players and coaches to remain for extended periods of time. They have built a culture of consistency that makes them better than everyone else, and they have shown that consistency once again by extending their GM with a new contract.

The Steelers have many tenured employees

Kevin Colbert has been with the Steelers since 2000, and he has been their GM since 2011.

The team has been remarkable since he has been there, and the team has been competitive because of moves he has made. We never hear his name because he does not overshadow what the team is doing, and I believe that he is a model for the modern GM. You may want to know more about these people, but they should not be in the front of your mind when you are watching football.

LeVeon Bell congratulates

Leveon Bell congratulated Colbert on Twitter, but it is hard to know if he is upset or not. Presumably, he is mad at the Steelers for paying the GM who will not pay him. I can see how he would be upset by that, but the simple fact is that this team wants to have people stick around for as long as possible.

The organization does not want to remain stagnant in any way, and extending Colbert at this time gives him freedom to do his job properly.

LeVeon needs to come back

I think the Steelers were pleased to inadvertently send a message to Bell that they cannot do anything with him unless he is in the building. It appears that Bell is still in Florida working out, but he is not working out with his team.

That is where the Steelers will win out because they have all the leverage. They do not seem to be inclined to step back and give him more money, and I think that they will wait him out. Bell does not want to miss this whole season, and I believe that it would be really bad for his image if the Steelers play well and he is not there.

They got better

Colbert made the deal to pick up Joe Haden after he was let go by the Browns, and this move gives the Steelers the secondary help they require. The team is better because he makes the right moves, and he has been a part of the player personnel department that has chosen some of the best players in the NFL over the last fifteen years or so. Bell needs to return, and Colbert will give him the tender that should have already been signed.