Jj Watt is raising funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and he is doing so on a level that is incredible. He has set many goals that have been met by those who follow him on social media, and I have to ask us all what he could do with such celebrity. This is a noble effort on his part, and I am so happy to see this man using his fame for good in every circumstance.

He is operating on a Ronald Reagan level

What JJ Watt is doing is Presidential in scope. Ronald Reagan was such a beloved actor that he was elected governor of California and President.

My parents told me this quite clearly. People loved Reagan. People love JJ Watt. They are donating because they love him. They would vote for him because they love him, and he would be an amazing politician in a crisis. I do not know if that is what he wants after he retires, but I am at the point where I would vote for him simply because of what he is doing.

He did not just give his money

I have no problem with athletes and celebrities giving their money to relief efforts. I am not bashing them at all. More power to them. Thank you for that. All I am saying is that JJ Watt is leading the relief effort. He is telling people how much they need, and he is getting the word out. He is in the position where he could give a White House press briefing on this situation because he seems to be very dialed in.

That is impressive for an athlete who has a job to do. He could easily say that he wants to give and help out without taking up too much time from his playing career, but he has practically led the relief effort in Texas.

I love him now

I liked JJ Watt before. I thought he was a good player, and he seemed like a decent guy. I am not one for the brutish crowd that could probably bench press me, but he appeared to be an alright dude.

Today? I am in love with JJ Watt. This is what we are begging our athletes to do. Be really good for the community, never get into trouble, play well, and help people. He is doing all these things, and he is doing them extremely well. I do not see the governor of Texas raising this much money, and I do not see anyone from the federal government doing this kind of work.

JJ Watt could run for governor right now, and he would probably win. The sheer goodwill that he has created is beautiful to think about, and it will save so many people who need help after this terrible hurricane.

JJ Watt should be our new hero, and I urge you all to give to his campaign at least once so that we can give relief to the victims of Harvey.