Everyone loves to make their picks for the season in their favorite sports. We all write our columns that call for players and teams to step it up because we expect them to perform well. I am shocked that certain people do not believe Alabama will win the SEC, but there is always someone who likes to play contrary. I am in love with certain teams this year because I think they will come over the top after a disappointment last season. We can disagree, but we all know that we will all be wrong by the end of the season.

I like Alabama

I firmly believe that we will see Alabama in the SEC title game, and they will likely beat Florida when they get there.

I have no illusions of some other team in the SEC West beating Alabama, and I do not believe that Auburn will magically stun them at the end of the season.

I love Washington

I have a dear friend who lives up near Seattle, and she loves her some Washington football. I have enjoyed their program for decades, and I am glad to see them relevant once again. Chris Petersen has performed a miracle in Seattle, and I think that miracle will take them over Sam Darnold and USC.

You know you love Florida State

Clemson needs a season to come back from losing Deshaun Watson, and I do not think that Louisville can make its case with the talent gap that exists between their team and FSU. I will look to see Florida State in the playoff because I know that they have been there, they are talented, and they have no contender in Clemson this season.

I prefer Ohio State

I could see Michigan beating Ohio State, but I do not think that it will happen. The Ohio State Buckeyes are poised to have a good season with a veteran quarterback, and there are many people in the Big 10 who need to watch out. The Buckeyes could score dozens of points every game, and I think that they will scare the other teams in the playoff because Barrett is so seasoned.

I would pick Ohio State

I am picking Ohio State for this reason alone: they are veteran. They have a solid team with a quarterback under center who is seasoned and ready to play. He wants to get his time back after he missed on that magical national title run where Cardele Jones won three games in a row in spectacular fashion.

I think Barrett is on a mission, and I think that he can use that mission to beat both teams that he sees in the playoff in the winter.

This is my final four, and I will cringe as these teams start losing and proving me wrong. We hardly ever get these things right, but I had to try.