Josh McCown is the best the Jets can do. That is not really fair to McCown because he has been in the NFL for 15 years. Most people cannot say that, and he has been effective enough to be picked up by multiple teams over the course of his career. He is in New Jersey because the Jets needed someone to work with Christian Hackenburg and Bryce Petty. The problem with these two guys is that we have seen enough. The Jets have seen enough because they need to have someone under center who knows what they are doing. They cannot hand off the job to Hackenburg or Petty because they are not ready, and they are officially in tank mode.

McCown has the experience

McCown has the experience that is required to run the Jets for the balance of the season, and there are many things that he can do that will make the season look a little bit better. He will not allow the Jets to lose all their games, and he will hold down the fort until they draft somebody better. He could stick around for another couple of years to coach up somebody like Sam Darnold, and that would be a service to the Jets because they could easily cut both Petty and Hackenburg.

Todd Bowles is in trouble

I like Todd Bowles. I think he is a good coach, and I like his voice in interviews. I think he has the best intentions, but he is going to get fired at the end of this season.

The Jets will simply clean house by getting rid of everyone, and that will mean he is the odd man out. They will hire someone else to work with Sam Darnold, and it will probably be one of those offensive assistants that has a lot of experience. I could see them stealing Steve Sarkisian from the Falcons, and they would ask him to do with Darnold whatever it was he was doing in Atlanta.

Tanking does not always work

They will tank this season. They will draft Sam Darnold, and they will pray that he is good enough to start the next season. The Jets will do just about everything on a wing and a prayer, and it will not be enough to make their team better. The sad part is that this team could be good because the defense is solid.

They have a lot of good pieces in place, but the lack of a starting quarterback who is a superstar will cause problems for them for at least the next four years.

We must give the Jets time to turn things around because they are a very long way from the time that they went to the AFC title game twice in a row. Do you remember those times with Mark Sanchez? How will they get those days back when the situation looks so dire right now?