The Nationals have activated Max Scherzer and Jayson Werth from their DL, and they are readying that roster that will carry into the playoffs. The team is far out in front on the NL East, and they are getting ready to see if they can give the Dodgers a run for their money in the playoffs. I do not expect to see Werth or Scherzer right away, but I believe the team that builds slowly helps itself quite a lot. Just imagine how the tempered approach prevents problems.

They do not need them now

Tha Nationals are waltzing backwards into the playoffs. They have had their playoff spot locked up for some time, and it is only a matter of a few more games before everyone in the division is eliminated mathematically.

The Nationals have Bryce Harper, and they need not rush these guys back. This is the difference between the Nationals and the Dodgers at this point. The Dodgers are rushing Kershaw, but the National do not appear to be in a hurry. They could be in good shape if they stick to this plan.

Scherzer needs more rest

Throwing Scherzer on the mound instantly makes no sense considering the team has plenty of good pitchers. The Nationals cannot afford to hurt him at the wrong time because we would be in a situation much like the bloody sock with Curt Schilling. A guy would have to go on the field only because he had no chance. That would be dangerous for everyone, and it may not become anything if the team cannot win a playoff series.

The Nationals have one focus

The Nationals know they have to get by the Dodgers, and they seem to be focused on this singular task. They have planned everything around battling the Dodgers to go to the World Series, and they appear to be tempering what they are doing to suit that purpose. The team itself was already very good, and they are inching back their best players from injury.

They will have just enough strength left to win a title, but only if they can beat the Dodgers.

The teams are so similar

The Dodgers and Nationals are very imilar, and the Nationals have ensured that they have all the right pieces in place before they get to the playoffs. We often forget that Dusty Baker is a very good manager, and we forget even further that he knows what he is doing.

He will bide his time because he wants to see his team win a championship after getting so close with the Giants nearly 15 years ago. I believe these two teams are on a collision course, and it is inevitable that they will play seven games for the pennant.