Kyrie Irving needs to be honest about why he wanted to leave Cleveland. He needs to let us know that he was tired of LeBron, or the entourage, or the way he led, or the way he was not given credit where it was due. I wish he would tell us what the real problem is. I have no idea what it is, and neither do you unless you know what Kyrie thinks. I want to speculate for a minute because I believe that it all comes down to that title LeBron gets credit for winning.

The Cavaliers have that one title

Irving hit the most important shot in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Period. That is it. He hit the most important shot in the history of LeBron James' career. LeBron gets all that credit for bringing a title back to Cleveland, and Irving was the marvel when it counted. If I were him, I would be upset that I was not getting credit for that. LeBron is sucking up all the air in the room as everyone rushes to praise him. Then, he takes a break in the regular season, and the Warriors still embarrassed them.

He wants to run the squad

I have to think that Irving still intends to manage a team with the ball in his hand. This means that he is the person who is distributing the ball, and I believe that he would be better at that this time around. He was not good leading the team the first time around because he was a baby.

He was so young, and he had nothing around him. Now he sees what winning looks like, and he probably wants to be treated like someone who understands winning.

They do not get along

You can see it on their faces. In the same way that the Celtics did not really like Rajon Rondo, James does not like Irving. They are at an emotional stalemate because of something that we do not know.

Is it personality? Is it who has the ball? Is it the finals losses? Is it something else? I am not sure, but you can see it on their faces when they are looking at each other. There is no joy right now. They are both pressing as hard as they can, and Kyrie will not even talk about it.

Avoiding the topic

Irving made a video to post on social media, and he talked about things like living in your truth.

That is an easy way of saying that I am not going to talk about this openly. That is a way of avoiding the topic that we all believe is the reason why the team had to split up. He has given the Cavaliers a reason to rebuild now, and he is doing so because of some conflict. The Cavaliers are breaking at the seams because LeBron James and Irving are not buddies. They just could not hug it out.