According to multiple sources, Kyrie Irving is dealing with pain in his surgically repaired right knee. This knee was injured during the 2015 NBA playoffs after Irving was constantly re-aggravating his knee which became an ongoing injury, we saw the end of his season come in game one of the 2015 Finals when a collision with Klay Thompson put Kyrie to the ground and his knee seemed to just give up. His right knee flared right up, and had him out of action for almost 6 months after having surgery on it. Uncle Drew had to watch his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates do battle while on the hospital bed, swallowing pain killers.

The Cavs put up a huge battle, taking the team with the best record in the NBA and the 2015 MVP to 6 games after leading the series 2-1 at one point. But once again it's the NBA Finals and the Cleveland Cavaliers face the scare of an injury to their superstars point guard, Kyrie Irving. During the 2016 playoff run, Kyrie stayed healthy which led to an NBA championship for Ohio. But this year might be different, especially if Irving is hurt.

Kyrie playing worse due to injury?

Kyrie Irving told the media in the latter stage of the regular season that his right knee was giving him some trouble and at one point he said with frustration "it f**king flared up". Clearly, right before the playoffs, Kyrie did not want to deal with the nuisance of a Knee Injury holding him back once again.

But going into the 2017 playoffs, Kyrie was not complaining so everyone assumed he was alright, but news is surfacing now that Uncle Drew has been struggling with pain and discomfort in his surgically repaired knee during this years postseason, and right now in the NBA Finals. Kyrie has not mentioned it, or used it as an excuse in any way, and the coaching staff of the Cavaliers have not leaked the news, but it is very evident with people close to the situation.

According to Nate Jones, a former NBA player that's close with one of Cleveland's coaches told him that Kyrie isn't as healthy as he was last year at this point.

Sports journalist, J.A.

Adande also spoke up about the news and he claims that Irving is not at 100% too.

This is scary news for Cleveland fans

For all Cleveland Cavalier fans around the world, this news is very worrying. For the Cavaliers to have a chance at beating the superstar ridden Warriors team, they will need Kyrie Irving playing to his potential, but with a lingering injury and the chance of his knee flaring up at any time, it's a worrying sign. We have seen Uncle Drew with some great performances in this years playoffs though, which shows he is capable and might push through all the pain to have a huge performance on the biggest stage.

But over the first two games, he has yet to prove that. Cavs fans will be hoping to see Kyrie Irving playing at his highest level he can during the rest of the series, to ultimately help LeBron James on his mission to bring another championship to Akron, Ohio.