Just when the Cleveland Cavaliers looked at full strength with under two weeks left in the season, two injuries to two major players happened. Tristan Thompson has missed the last two games with an injury in his right thumb, and now Kyrie Irving is experiencing pain which may sideline him before the playoffs. The Cavs have faced the challenge of injuries all season long, and are doing their best to attempt to have a healthy roster going into the postseason. But this seems like another obstacle in their path. Mr. Irving spoke about the situation.

Kyrie Irving's talks frustration with injury

Kyrie Irving has recently been complaining about soreness in his right Knee, a knee that was surgically repaired almost two years ago. This cause him to ultimately miss the 2015 NBA finals, and played a big factor in the Cleveland Cavaliers falling short to the Golden State Warriors that year. Since the surgery, Kyrie has managed to stay healthy and not have too many problems with the knee, until now.

Less than two weeks before the 2017 NBA playoffs, and Uncle Drew is feeling the pain once again. Kyrie talked about his knee, after the Cavs suffered a 114-100 loss to the undermanned Atlanta Hawks. Kyrie explained that he was suffering with it yesterday, the day before the Cavs-Hawks game, stating: "Yesterday was a terrible day for me and my knee".

He then went on to explain that he was "doing everything possible to take care of my body", and coming into the game he felt good. Through the first half Kyrie had 10 points, and was feeling okay. But as soon as halftime hit, he then began to feel it. Irving exclaimed "after halftime, my left knee started flaring up... it just f***ing flared up".

Kyrie obviously not worried about copping a fine for the choice of words, he just wanted to let out his frustration on the situation.

Kyrie Irving let the media know that he doesn't know whether he will be in action in the Cavs next game against the Hawks. This is a worrying sign as Kyrie is a player who wants to play in every game, and plays through injury.

So if he's not ready to play, he really shouldn't.

Should Coach Lue rest Kyrie for the playoffs?

There are just 3 games left till the postseason for the Cavaliers, and it's a scary time for Cleveland to be worrying about an injury to their all-star point guard. So is resting Kyrie for the final three games the best option for Cleveland? Having a healthy Kyrie is something the Cavs need to have if they want to repeat as NBA champions, as proven in last years finals when compared to the injury plagued 2015 finals.