Jamaica is a place of beauty, tremendous history boasting a colorful past, it has forged a people who are proud, and they are loyal to their island. From iconic figures like Bob Marley to the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, to Chris Gayle, Jamaica continues to astound the world at a nation so small yet produces such amazing gifts and talent is truly a remarkable island. Keep reading for more interesting things about Jamaica.

Port Royal Jamaica

Formerly known as a haven for both Pirates and Buccaneers alike, it was used as a stronghold because of its key position.

Jamaica was an ideal point to be used to defend against Spanish attack. The regime of the day encouraged Pirates, Buccaneers to defend Port Royal. It's naturally deep harbor was used as protection for vessels and ships. The Port became immensely popular and was one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. It became the key trading post of the day trading anything from slaves, sugar, wood, just to name a few. Pirate John "Calico Jack" Rackham and Legendary privateer Captain Henry Morgan are part of its glory days. Port Royal, however, today is a small fishing village nothing like its colorful past.

Blue Mountain

It’s the highest mountain Peak in Jamaica where you can choose to hike or bike up the mountain to experience its majesty and beauty.

Blue Mountain Coffee plantation provides tours showing the process of how its famous blue mountain coffee is made. Gently flowing rivers, majestic waterfalls, hiking trails are all a part of its sights.

Gaining Independence

Jamaica was one of the first Caribbean Islands to gain independence from the British West Indies Colonies in August 1962.

The first Prime Minister of Jamaica was Alexander Bustamante. It can also make the boast of having electricity before the United States as early as 1892. Jamaica has been a pioneer in many areas, and it is little known that they were the first country in the Western world to construct a railway. They have proven themselves as a truly remarkable people who have withstood the hardship.

They have given the world its own unique contribution in the form of music to sports they excel and proud to be Jamaicans.

Beaches and Waterfalls

Popular tourist destination Jamaica beaches are breath taking in its natural splendor. Negril is a beach that’s seven miles long of beautiful white sand, surrounded by Palm trees, cliffs, and the ocean is an exquisite shade of Turquoise. There are so many choices of beaches such as Duncan Bay, Cosmos Beach, Doctors Cave Beach, Long Bay Beach and the list goes on and on. Dunn River Falls located near Ocho Rios Dunn’s River Falls has a fascinating history. It is said to be the location of the legendary battle of "Las Chorreras" 1657.

Birth place of Robert (Bob) Marley

Reggae legend Bob Marley was born in Jamaica on the 6th February 1945. He went on to be one of Jamaica’s most iconic artists. He paved the way for Reggae music, and his style was one of the conscious lyrics that told a story, some of his most popular songs were Burning, get up and Stand up, I shot the sheriff to name a few, he was an ambassador to Jamaica using his music to bring recognition to his island.