Omega Force and Koei Tecmo Games’ “Toukiden 2” is an action role-playing game. It was launched on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and the PC. Here is my review of the second game title of the “Toukidenfranchise.

Manages to make draw distance work well

The first thing that I noticed when I played this video game is its ability of its draw distance is astounding. After completely turning it into somewhat of an MMORPG due to the Open World feature, the game now gives more environment details even on consoles.

The overall visuals of this game is great as well, and it is an big improvement compared to “Toukiden Kiwami.” There are more details now and the designs are way better in armor, buildings, facial animations, and more.

The only issue I found on this game is its attention or focus on one enemy is gone, which was present in the first game. Players are now forced to look around other opponents in the battlefield compared to the first where the big boss was the primary target alone. The bosses looked more imposing on the first game compared to this one that looks smaller and other targets are available.

The original soundtrack does not bore players

Another impressive feat that this game achieved is its soundtrack that does not loop too much in long journeys. It properly plays its parts especially when the players are in danger and then mellows down when it is past that. Big boss battles have impressive battle music as well, which immerses the players into fighting it wholeheartedly.

The voice acting is done well too and it is supported with superb English subtitles. However, some fans are disappointed that it does not have an English dubs. Some have difficulty reading subs while fighting enemies.

Almost the same prologue of the first game

The story follows the main protagonist that wakes up in a different time after getting defeated and sucked up by the Oni in a dimension hole.

In gratitude, he or she helps out around the village and does missions to get stronger. The whole group is also trying to solve what is happening beyond their protected village.

While it has a different conditions and a new set of characters, the plot somehow is still the same: amnesiac main character, protected village, only you can save the world, etc.

It has the same pattern with the first game. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed with this story writing, but it has its tweaks here and there.

The demon hand feature looks familiar

The demon hand feature is another addition to “Toukiden 2,” and it helps in hitting different parts of a large Oni and taking it apart into small pieces. This feature is familiar because it has the same mechanics with a PS Vita game called “Freedom Wars.” The phantom limb attaches to the enemy, pulls the character towards it, and lifts him in the air, which gives him a chance to strike the upper parts of the body.

Aside from the demon hand, the sequel has more features this time around. It also has more weapons to choose from, which creates more ways to defeat enemies.

The open world system is also a great feature, which lets players grind and collect more materials from enemy mobs and bosses.

High replayability value with tons of things to do

Another great feature of this video game is its replay value. Players are able to go to different parts of the game’s world and grind for experience, materials, and money. There is no shortage of enemies because they will just pop up after players revisit the area again.

Unfortunately, this game does not have a new game plus feature, which would have been a great advantage. However, they can carry on and finish the different post-game missions if they want to.

Overall, “Toukiden 2” has a lot of improvements, but it is also flawed in some aspects in my opinion. I can give this game a solid 7 out of 10 points.

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