Donald Trump failed to condemn the Alt-Right Neo-Nazi terrorist groups, in his first statement following the protest. His second insincere attempt was read from a teleprompter in typical arrogant Trump fashion. Hardly a consolation to the victims. Any other president would have flown out there and visited with the victims personally.

Trump’s train

The Neo-Nazi groups were gathered Saturday to spread hate and vitriol, and protest the removal of a Robert E Lee statue from university grounds. People were injured. A woman was murdered. When Donald Trump did finally bring himself to speak out against them directly, days later, it seemed to be but an afterthought.

Make no mistake though, Donald Trump is more supportive of Neo-Nazis than he is of CNN reporters, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama.

Donald then retweeted an image of a train running over a CNN reporter just days after the event, where an actual Neo-Nazi ran his car into a crowd of protesters injuring 15 and killing Heather Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville. These Nazis expressed unfaltering support for Donald Trump and claimed they were “fulfilling" his promises” He quickly deleted the image, 30 minutes after the damage was done. Does deleting it after the fact somehow mean it didn’t happen? I don’t think so. Apparently, The Donald does.

Donald Trump seems enamored with perpetrating violence on CNN reporters.

He’s done it more than once. The first time he tweeted a video of himself body slamming a CNN reporter. Yet he has not once condemned actual violent acts done in his name.

When will Donald Trump’s reign end

How much longer are we to allow a racist, sexist, fascist, megalomaniacal sociopath to occupy our White House? Folks, let me remind you, the house still belongs to the people.

It may have been temporarily usurped, by Russia and their bumbling orange puppet, but we still have checks and balances don’t we?

Why are they not acting more quickly? How much longer after an attack is made on our great nation are we to wait before a measurable response is given? How much longer will this grave mistake remain unchecked and walking around with launch codes and a top security clearance??

We are at a crucial point in our American history. If we don’t respond to this usurping of our government swiftly and definitively, it could very well be the end of The United States of America as we have come to understand it. A dark future indeed.