Greetings Virgo! Live today to the fullest come what may and ensure that you let absolutely nothing steal your joy. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with the stars’ forecast for today’s daily horoscope for Virgo so let’s see what’s up ahead:

What to expect

Your internal radar will come in handy today Virgo, given the unpredictable, mixed bag of astrological energies bombarding you. You're a sensitive soul with antennae that never, ever fail you. Your uncanny intuition should give you some hints in advance so you’ll know what to expect today.

Be forewarned, however, you'll be picking up all kinds of signals, even those you'd rather not tune into, so keep a chaperone nearby.

Perfection is as perfection does and to be quite honest Virgo, perfection is tiring! Instead of aiming for such an impossible feat, focus your energies today working for more practical and highly achievable tasks where you can actually see the results of your efforts. It’s a far better strategy than slaving over every last detail and exhausting yourself mentally in the process for an impossible ideal.

When a love story ends, don’t get blue - you weren’t the first to experience such a thing and you won’t be the last. Take comfort in knowing that you’re extra wiser now and better prepared to choose a partner.

The stars say right now is not ideal for finding a soul mate but keep the faith because he/she is looking for you right now and will show up eventually. If you have a rising sign in Virgo, keep far away from the ghosts of the past in order to fully enjoy the present with someone you are crazy about!

A dark shade of red is your lucky color today - the color of love, passion and victory!

There may be a little celebration happening today as someone close to you is likely to achieve something significant--it could be a loved one or your children. Be it winning a prize, earning great marks or getting a promotion, give them all the support and praise that they deserve, do not hold back. A little recognition goes such a long way and you should always give them encouragement for their hard work.

How to get through your day

Appreciate the finer things in life Virgo before they all pass you by. Watch the sunrise today, gaze at leaves falling and even enjoy how cleverly crafted the clouds are in the sky! Open your eyes to the beauty of life all around you Virgo and let it inspire you to take action. You have a generous heart that you should share freely. Your helpful nature will draw others to you and help you skate effortlessly through your day. The stars warn that someone may be trying to throw you a curve ball, so be ready. Teach someone a lesson that you know they need to learn.

It was a true pleasure sharing today’s daily horoscope for Virgo with you and we hope that you’ll check in again tomorrow! Please share your reading with all of your friends on social media and have a terrific Wednesday!