David Duke is a former imperial wizard of the KKK, who endorsed Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Duke was in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday supporting the Neo Nazi rally that quickly turned into a brawl. When interviewed by "CNN" he said, "We are taking our country back. And added that a campaign promise of Donald Trump's is being fulfilled.

The hidden meaning behind David Duke's words

When Donald Trump used the slogan "Make America great again," it was interpreted by some to mean that he wanted an America where White Anglo Saxon Protestants, (WASPS) were in control.

Prior to Barack Obama, only white males had been voted in as a U.S. president. And there were fewer rights for the LGBTQ community. News outlets reported that multiple surveys indicated that older white males felt disenfranchised and saw Trump as one who would champion their cause. Hate crimes, racism, and anti-Semitism have all increased since November.

David Duke and those who think like him, have chosen to interpret 2016 campaign rhetoric as a validation for white supremacists, Neo Nazi's, Klansmen and white nationalists to stand up for what they believe. The hidden meaning behind Duke's words shows that hate has simmered inside these individuals for decades. They now believe have a right to express it publically with no shame, and without hiding behind sheets.

The violence in Charlottesville proves that hate is very much alive in this nation.

Early on President Trump was asked to denounce the hate being done in his name. His response was to look into the camera during a "60 Minutes" interview and say "Stop it." Many Americans believed this was not enough and clearly it was not. The violence that took place on Saturday in Charlottesville indicates that evil is still reigning in the United States.

This was displayed when a vehicle intentionally plowed into a group of counter protesters.

America is waiting for the president to condemn the white nationalists who initiated the protest in Charlottesville, but he probably will not. Donald Trump should have denounced David Duke's support of his 2016 campaign, and let the world know in no uncertain terms he wanted no association.

All he did was look into a camera during a "60 Minute"s interview and simply say "Stop it." Because he did not make it clear that hate is wrong, the evil prevails and today we have the Neo Nazi protest to add to the growing list of unfortunate incidents.