“The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” is an amazing game and is arguably one of the major reasons why people actually bought a Nintendo Switch in the first place. The game has already gotten its first DLC expansion that introduced The Master Trials – a series of difficult levels that if completed, will unlock the true power of the Master Sword. Nintendo plans to release another DLC expansion later this holiday season which will focus on Zelda and her guardians. In line with this, here are some things we’d like to see in yet another possible expansion.

More Playable Characters

“Breath of the Wild” always focused on Link and his journey to help Princess Zelda fight against Calamity Ganon. Those who played the game got to experience Hyrule through Link’s eyes which isn't a bad thing but a little variety wouldn’t hurt. For a new expansion, it would be great if we could play as other characters like the Guardians, seeing as how they’re so popular among the fans. It’d also be great if we could try characters like Prince Sidon or maybe even Zelda in the near future. Granted, they would have their own unique playstyles which would mix up the game’s formula.

New Places to Explore

The land of “Breath of the Wild” is a vast and unique area filled with many wildlife and villagers.

There’s a good chance that most players have already seen the highlights this world has to offer, and because of that, they’ve already decided to put the game down. To keep fans interested in the game, it wouldn’t hurt if Nintendo decided to craft some new areas for them to explore. “Breath of the Wild” has plenty of ways for players to get around, so these new locations could make the most out of advanced trekking strategies.

Maybe they could even include areas from other games in the long run.

New Set of Skills and Weapons

“Breath of the Wild” has the largest number of weapons in the series and it’s great that Link has so many options when fighting. The only problem is that weapons break a little too easily, but it’s not really an issue as you can find new equipment almost anywhere you go.

The game could use some new weapon types, maybe even grab some typical weapons found in the series. Similarly, Link could also use some new abilities in his Sheikah Slate but it wouldn’t be too major as it might cause another steep learning curve in the game. Overall, it would be great to see some of these features implemented in a “Breath of the Wild” expansion.