Breath Of The Wild” has won over the hearts of fans since it released back in March on both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Unlike most open world games, the latest Zelda installment lacked a surprisingly good amount of bugs and also held the possibility to experiment with physics. Some players have managed to make their own “inventions” by making the most of the mechanics within the game. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most ingenious ideas “Breath of the Wild” fans put into action.

Making an ‘airship’

While “Breath of the Wild allows the option to explore Hyrule on your trusty steed, nothing beats exploring the vast open skies by building an airship.

According to GamesRadar, one YouTuber combined a metal block with a discarded mine cart to create this makeshift airship. To get things started, Link can use his magnesis to stack the block on top of the cart. From here, he stands on top of the block and uses magnesis on the cart to begin ascending. Don’t expect this to be a perfect flying vehicle, however, as it takes some skill to properly control. If all else fails, Link still has trusty paraglider to help stop him from falling to his death.

Playing ‘Mario Kart’ in ‘Breath of the Wild’

While Link has already made his grand guest appearance in “Mario Kart 8,” the Hyrule hero can actually build his own kart in the latest Zelda game. Just like with the airship, Link also needs one of the abandoned mine carts, but instead of metal block, Link needs to find a metal chest which is scattered around the world.

From there, place the chest in the front of the cart and use magnesis to speed away on your makeshift vehicle. This invention is a bit easier to control and you won’t have to worry about Link running out of stamina in mid-air if his cart stops moving.

Using the Cuccos as a Weapon

Link has access to many swords, rods, shields, and bows in “Breath of the Wild,” but one YouTuber has found a weapon that’s much more powerful than even the Master Sword.

Cuccos have been around the Zelda franchise and are notorious for being extremely dangerous if messed with. Luckily, these flying devils can also swarm foes and even kill them if they are attacked. To make this work, have Link carry a Cucco and approach a powerful enemy. If struck, a swarm of angry Cuccos will appear and kill the enemies for hurting their feathery friend. Sadly, Link can’t use this method when fighting against Ganon as the Cucco will disappear.