The Nintendo Switch has been a hot item since it released a few months back, and fans are still scouring the stores to see if they can pick up the hybrid console. This unique system allows fans to dock the console at home to play on the big screen or take the tablet with them for on-the-go gaming. The Switch will be getting some major titles in the future like “Super Mario Odyssey,” “Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” and “Metroid Prime 4.” While the current Nintendo Switch still has a small gaming library, there are a few solid titles fans can play. Here are some of the best titles you can pick up right now on Nintendo’s latest console.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” is arguably the best game on the Switch at the moment, according to WikiVisually and is also one of the main reasons why fans bought the console in the first place. The latest Zelda installment follows Link who wakes up after 100 years and discovers a war-torn Hyrule. The player must then set off on an adventure to save Princess Zelda and fix the mistakes of the past. Fans and critics alike have praised the Zelda game for its unique take on an open-world game that has minimal bugs. “Breath of the Wild” also has some cool physics mechanics that fans have been toying with to create nifty tricks.


Possibly one of the best co-op games on the system, “Snipperclips” is played with two players controlling one Joy-Con each.

Each person takes control of a piece of paper and they must work together to solve various puzzles in the game. You’ll have to snip and form unique shapes to solve these roadblocks which unlock more stages in the game. If you have extra Joy-Cons, you can play with up to four friends and even partake in a battle mode where all of you will have to fight and snip each other.

If you’re looking for a party game on the Nintendo Switch, you should consider picking up “Snipperclips,” PC authority recommend.

‘Disgaea 5 Complete’

The latest game in the “Disgaea” franchise finally made its way over to the Nintendo Switch with all the DLC included. The base game is still here as players will still follow the demon Killia and his gang from stopping Void Dark taking over the Netherworld.

“Disgaea 5” separates itself from other tactics games for being so flexible in terms of stats, items, grinding, and more, according to IGN. The game has plenty of replay value and there are still plenty of stuff to do during post game. Completionists and grind-lovers will get a kick out of “Disgaea 5” as it has so much to offer.