Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout has become the second youngest player among active players to reach 1,000 hits. Trout picked up his 1,000th career hit on Monday, August 7, with a double in the fourth inning against the Baltimore Orioles.

Young and making history

The six-time All-Star is the second youngest amongst active players to reach that level of success. Trout only trails Miguel Cabrera in the race to 1,000 hits. According to Elias Sports Bureau, only six players who played in the last 50 years reached 1,000 hits at an age under 26.

Trout is inevitably making a name for himself and maintaining quite a sports portfolio and resume.

Team Trout

How can any logical person think Bryce Harper is better than this kid? Harper is obviously a Home Run hitting machine, but Trout just has the whole package. I'm not sure there's anyone who doesn't like Trout. He's the best player in MLB and seems like an even better person. According to sports illustrated, hit number 1,001 came in the sixth inning - a home run off the foul pole in left field. Trout has now homered on his birthday four times in his MLB career. In the past, he has gone deep when he turned 21, 22 and 24.

He's provided some nice gifts and memories for himself. He probably loves his birthday even more, because of this.

Is this a coincidence? Or is he just that good? Or just that numbers don't lie. Some hitters hit well against certain pitchers, ball parks or situations - always. So you follow the statistics and hope for the best.

Trusting the process is something Trout believes in. Trout in 2011 got his first career hit off of Michael Pineda in a game against the Mariners according to Baseball Reference. In 2014 he became the fastest player to 500 hits in Angels' player history, needing only 423 games to get there, which is unbelievable.

Statistics at their finest

Trout needed just 879 games to reach 1,000 hits. Talk about impressive. His .343 average, .463 OBP and .703 slugging percentage this season are all on track to be career bests, although he has missed 45 of the Angels' 112 games prior to Monday according to Sports Illustrated. It is amazing that he has these numbers and to have missed all those games. His thumb injury earlier in May seemed like he wouldn't have a productive year, but boy were we wrong. This shows he is a great athlete, skilled player and hard worker. Trout has always been compared to other players but at the end of the day he always takes the cake. Trout in the past was compared with Josh Donaldson for MVP. Donaldson won MVP in 2015, but looking at both players now, Trout is still the better player.