Two items from Mile Allen's Friday AM Axios newsletter are keepers if your beat is the inner workings of Donald Trump. There is a new and fresh reminder that lying blatantly and constantly comes with the Trump territory. I shall provide a list of these. There is also a new and wonderful twist. The actor in chief has devised a theory that if he is condemned by Mueller, he just might have the constitutional power to Pardon himself.

Here is the first of the two items we are discussing.

Yes, the president has Korea and Iran and Europe on his plate.

But he is now devoting his time to figuring out how to save himself if Mueller finds anything actionable in all the places where he is looking. The search expands. Hungry lawyers are salivating. Could anything be more dramatic?

Both of Trump's prior bombings were out of the blue. Our performer in chief has aces in the hole

Theory and reality

Axios says the pardon discussion is theoretical. Sort of like Trump lies. When it flies it become real. We get to debate, essentially whether Trump is above the law. We have always assumed not. But we are living in an alternative reality. The actor in chief can do anything he likes and he has a base that says, "Go. Donald, go!"

Still in lying trim

Let us haste to the more meaty part of this presentation.

All your recent Trump falsehoods in condensed form.

Bumbling through

Trump doesn't know how health insurance works. It is part of his act. He does not care if we know he doesn't know. He does not know the wife of the Japanese prime minister speaks English so obviously she does not.

He thinks Russia was not news until he says it was The former Apprentice star calls talk of sanctions adoption talk.

He does not know who the FBI director reports to. He thinks Trumpcare would be a big win for the middle class. He doesn't know where Rod Rosenstein is from He is ignorant about the history of both Paris and Napoleon, Note that these gaffes were all promulgated in less than an hour in an interview, on the record, with the NY Times.

The real story

Donald Trump will do whatever he needs to do to keep everyone confused. Donald Trump will lie aggressively if that's what it takes to ensure that the news cycle will be refreshed.

Nothing the president says is true save in the moment and seen as something he says. Whatever he says may be false. It always makes news and adds to the episodes of the series. It would be free if our tax dollars were not funding such things as videos Trump aims at Obamacare.That is really happening. This is the real underlying impunity of Mr. Trump.