Barack Obama is a hero to a Trump voter in a deep red state because he saved her life. There are tons of such stories. But there is truth and reason, and then there is the GOP. And it can never get enough of stupidity. The stupidity is to keep going after Obamacare with a Wayne La Pierre-type assault barrage and forget that Obamacare was hatched in the bosom of the Heritage Society.

Baked in

For almost eight years, the GOP has allowed lies about the Obama Bill to fester in its base until now "conservatives" demand repeal. You're getting that right.

The stupidity of the GOP is baked in. No one on the right will be happy until Trump can chortle his heart out following a GOP failure calling us to repeal Obamacare.

Gory aftermath

The GOP likely will not pass the atrocity it calls Trumpcare. The reason is that everyone, on all sides, knows by now there are three things you do not do if you want to avoid electoral disaster. Consign millions who are sick to higher premiums or no care at all. Send many more millions into the ranks of the uninsured. And play Russian roulette with the one sacred cow in Obamacare, pre-existing conditions.

Do no harm

But just because the bill is atrocious does not mean that the GOP is without the capacity to do even more harm than it has done every day since it took over the government. Make no secret of it, the principal culprit in the continuing difficulties of Obamacare has been the GOP. The result is that public fear and uncertainty grow to fever pitch with the aid of our Tweetologist in chief.

Yes, between Donald Trump and the GOP, the skewering of Obamacare has made Trump already the most harmful president since George W Bush. W, as he has become known, is still leading by a wide margin. There were and are continuing casualties from his falsely-launched Iraq incursion. There is the harm of incurring huge debt with credit card wars.

We did not have to pay the huge costs, but our children will. Then there was the collapse of the economy on his watch.

Even so, Trump has only been in office a few months. W had eight years to complete his harmful tenure.

Turn around

If we cannot turn around and see Obamacare as a universal template that can be improved and made truly universal, Trump will have helped hammer another nail into the coffin of the America he is making more terrible day by day. Trump is the only force with the flexibility to reverse position and get away with it. Trump could flip to bipartisanship. Men like McConnell seem like zombies, dead and walking. But Trump is indefatigable.

Don't get your hopes up. Donald will most likely lead the repeal chorus and blithely help destroy Obamacare. He will have nothing whatever to replace it with.