For those who regard Trump as a bitter pill, as too much, as impeachment bait, rest easy a moment. There is a purpose to Trump and it is in progress as we speak.

Trump helps us grow up. To survive everyone has to change a bit. Our world is mired in debt, drugs, lassitude, corruption, and injustice. Trump tells us if we don't start flying right, Trump is what we'll get.

That is the only way to explain the president's terrible agenda and the USA's simultaneous opposition to it.

Trump is not a climate change loner

Does anyone think if Donald Trump embraces the Paris Accords it will be a cause for celebration?

Will everything be OK? No.

Trump's anti-Paris stance has set in motion a remarkable degree of energy that is being devoted to actually meeting the Paris benchmarks. Where? Here in the USA. Trump may be the best friend environmentalists ever had.

We are the change

Every state in the union is saying we don't need Donald to defeat climate change. It depends on us.

Under Obama, we had a false sense of security. Trump used it as an effective subtext for his antic campaign. But the upshot is that climate activism will spread farther than it ever would have had Trump not iced the Paris Agreement. The future of the world does not depend on Mr. Trump. It does depend on us though.

Why Trumpcare will not pass

Trump's egregious behavior on climate is a twin to his horrible health incursions. These began with executive orders to pave the way for filthy waters and airborne plagues. If you think this is an exaggeration, read the small print of Trump's rollback of Obama recommendations on funding health science.

Read his pronouncements about cleaning up our rivers and streams.

Waking up America

The crowning indignity is Trumpcare. But this entire exercise has woken up Americans. Republican and Democratic governors are meeting as we speak. They give a resounding no to Trumpcare.They say we want a country that does not shrink health but expands it.

They say things like the effort to sneak the bill by the CBO are unacceptable.

The entire Trump agenda will help America grow up

Everything Trump advocates is an invitation for us to become participants in changing things. It may not be a plus for Democrats. It could change the composition of both parties as Trump-fired activists get into the fray.

Donald Trump will not make America great again. But he may make it possible for us to revive democracy and move forward, with less oligarchy and fewer nanny state problems.