Tulsi Gabbard and Gavin Newsom are my answer to Donald Trump and all his lies. It is a health threat, this Trump barrage and it is catching. Now his followers are lying and spreading his falsehoods. These two people would go bipartisan in a nanosecond if the GOP would show any inclination to do more than lie. As we say in NYC, forget about it.

To see what the future could be

I regularly visit the Newsom and Gabbard Twitter profiles and see what their messages look like. They think before they Tweet. And today at Tulsi's I found two tweets that work as talking points for anyone who wants to use them.

The first is a big tweet that could serve as something like a pledge to veterans.

Unlike the GOP's Trump-Ryan-McConnellcare we will protect and expand Medicaid for veterans. We will not foist off a bill that was hatched in secret and is filled with sabotage of men and women who went when they were called. Unlike most of the authors of these ungodly laws. Here is the first tweet:

Message two is short and sweet

Message two should be Democratic policy. Medicare for all. Some want Single Payer which Newsom's California has just passed.

Medicare for all does about the same thing and is more familiar to Americans. Ultimately our message must defeat Trump and rid ourselves of noxious GOP domination. The message must be ten or twenty words that show what we will do and how we will get it done.

Here is Tulsi Gabbard's second tweet.

Tulsi's point about helping the rich is exactly what Trump is trying to do with his unhealthy con on us all.

This tweet should be our health message. We need Medicare for all of the partisan tug-of-war will go on and on and on.

Can AHCA be defeated?

It can but we will need GOP votes to ensure that this phony adventure comes to a resounding halt. I call it phony for a simple reason. The GOP has done no real work to replace Obamacare.

They have effectively tried to wreck it while not really repealing many of its aims and provisions. They have played with healthcare and it is a cynical and cruel charade. Many GOP folk secretly want the Trump bill to fail. It will hurt them if it passes.

The sad verdict is that the GOP does not care about the health of Americans. They care first about reelection. Then they care about raising the money they need to defeat the demographics that are moving against them. With reelection won, they merely want to do what they have done for decades. Nothing, with maximum vacation leave. This is what Tulsi and Gavin will change if they ever get the ear of the demoralized Democrats.