The president's announcement reverses a policy initiated by former President Barack Obama one year ago. With thousands who identify as transgender currently serving, it is unclear how the ban will be carried out. For those who are against trump and his views on Transgender People, he is identified as a complete shame and sham for this country. He sides with dictators and jokes at everything this country fought for.

Transgender people are people

Having the president of the U.S. throw them under the bus is not only unacceptable. It is immoral and evil.

By Trump banning transgender people from serving in the US military, this says something about his character. It makes others believe that we should view them negatively. It is none of our business how someone classifies themselves. It doesn't make them less of a person. Therefore their rights shouldn't be stripped of them. American people owe their freedoms to the brave men, women, and transgender soldiers serving in our military. The truth of the matter is, Obama decided last year to let Trans People serve openly, effective July 1. Trump delayed the implementation, now reversing the policy.

Trump is a liar and a bully

Trump has been consistent on this - while promising to be an LGBT advocate, he said letting openly trans people to serve was "ridiculous." Let's face it, did we believe trump when he said he was an LGBT advocate.

We must think: why is it ridiculous? Maybe Trump as president is more ridiculous. To be denied access to something, because of the way you associate your self is unbelievable. We must ask ourselves...Why does sexual orientation even matter? Even someone is willing and able to serve; we should be thanking them. At the end of the day, Trump is a bully.

Let's look at it this way; dependents get gastric bypass paid for with Tricare. So, you pay for a wife to get skinny, but won't pay for a transgender soldier to serve. Doesn't seem fair, does it? Yeah, life can be very unfair sometimes, and in this case, Trump is causing this injustice. How about living in a country with good medical coverage where someone doesn't decide for you what's important?

Irony at its finest

The irony to this "ban" is that transgender service members are willing to do what he wouldn't do. He is a disgrace. We should start to wonder if Trump cares about his people. He doesn't care. He has a buzz from his stupid rally, feeling all empowered with fast talk weasel speaking for him. Trump has always been a controversial political figure. Let's not forget his allegations of rape. The sad thing is, he has a chance at winning the presidential election in 2020.