Donald Trump is probably the most loved and the most hated political figure in the world right now. That is a unique position to be in and Trump knows this. As a skilled persuader, experienced businessman and a media manipulator, Mr. Trump has shown, multiple times, that he has a knack for controlling the situation, calmly sitting in the eye of the hurricane, resisting the chaos that shadows everything his public persona represents.

What you resist persists

In the words of Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology: What you resist persists.

The media and the general public are doing Trump a great favor by lynching and demonizing him. His loyal fan base and the man himself feed off of this, framing the public's attempts to discredit Trump as nothing more than "fake news". The mainstream media has let the public down, losing what's left of their credibility in the process. Instead of focusing on Trump's policies and political stances, most media seems to be focused on analyzing his body language and handshakes or mocking his haircut. While creative satire is always a great way to critique political leaders, banal mocking is not.

By taking cheap shots at Trump's behavior and appearance, the media is playing his game and dancing to the beat he sets - they are being manipulated by the master manipulator and creating aversion towards themselves among the masses, pushing the population toward Trump's loyal right-wing fan base and birthing new Trump voters for 2020.

It does not help that the Democratic Party is resisting change and blindly hitting its head against the wall, providing no real alternative to Donald Trump's populist rhetoric.

Controlled chaos

Chaos is Donald Trump's natural habitat. He loves to surround himself with it, he is used to it and he has found a way to control it.

In the meantime, he is making large tax cuts on high incomes, repealing Obamacare, ignoring climate change and making moves that could signal his future transformation into the typical establishment marionette.

Is the media doing this on purpose, letting Trump slide, offering no real criticism of the President, while he remains a (willing) hostage of corporations that have been monopolizing the American media, along with the American economy? If they are, then they are doing a great job. And if they are not -- they have completely lost themselves in the chaos the American society has become.