The recent victories of the Republicans in two special congressional elections held this week should give the Democrats a heads-up of what could possibly take place in the 2020 Presidential Election. David Gergen, senior political analyst, and former presidential advisor to Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Raegan, and Bill Clinton, told CNN that the results should serve as a warning to the Dems to never underestimate Donald Trump and his party's capacity to win against them.

'He's doing better with the voters'

Gergen added that the odds of a Trump re-election is high and will continue to increase if the Democratic Party won't step up.

"It should be a wake-up call for Democrats. It is possible that he could actually get re-elected if Democrats aren't careful," he explained.

The former advisor said the incumbent president is only doing what he is supposed to do and that is to impress the American voters "with the fact that he withstood assaults on four different states" where the Republicans reigned over the Democrats.

He added that the Dems should not rule out the fact that a Republican party's Karen Handel won against Jon Jossoff at 52 percent to 48 percent in Georgia. The senior political analyst said Trump deserves a victory lap for the win.

His remarks came after the U.S. president confirmed that he will be holding his first-ever re-election campaign at the Trump International in Washington on Wednesday.

'Dems are being pulled to the left'

Michael Bloomberg also thinks Trump will likely win a re-election considering the Democratic Party's performance during the 2016 election campaign. The former mayor of New York City pointed out Hillary Clinton's campaign poor slogan. Prior to his recent interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Bloomberg has said that the incumbent president has 55 percent chance of winning the next Presidential Election.

"Well, the incumbent always has an advantage. It depends on what the world is like in three-and-a-half years," he told Frank Bruni of the New York Times, adding that a better performing economy will be an advantage to Trump in 2020.

Aside from this reason, Bloomberg has previously said that he "does not have faith" in the Democratic Party's set of candidates for the next election.

He even added that the Dems "will step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump." Political bettors, on the other hand, gave the Republican Party a combined 48 percent chance of winning, while the Democratic Party earned 22 percent.