Trump will be beaten, as one of my colleagues at Blasting News suggests, by a center-left heartland voice that can peel off Trump voters not lost in automaton city chanting MAGA. So far that stellar Democrat has not emerged, and we may have to draft him from among Republicans who can no longer stomach the dictatorial person they have been bowing to for too long.

This dire political statement comes at a time when Trump has become so impossible that he actually exceeds the number of strikes needed to declared out at the plate. He does this daily.

Trump is in an ineptitude groove

The first and most obvious Strike came at a White House meeting where Trump met with people he is using to create a massive voter suppression campaign. The head of this is a Kansas native who has made a career of pursuing election fraud with such tiny results that his obsession if regarded as moronic. But Donald Trump has never been reluctant to bestow his largesse on such persons.

Who is hiding what?

The strike was painfully obvious. Trump accused states of withholding vital information, namely personal data about all their voters.

By now we have gotten so used to Trump's egregious unwillingness to disclose his tax returns that the gross hypocrisy will likely be missed.

But when a President wants to snoop on all Americans in an act of totalitarian impunity and hides his own returns, it's a whiff of monster proportions.

Strike one Donald. This just broke but here is the AP story.

And yes the effort is headed by Mike Pence who is to me no less ominous than his boss, having watched him lie his head off defending Trumpcare as Medicaid's best friend.

Birther is alive and well in Donald Trump

Good grief, I am almost to my limit, and there are still two strikes to go. The worst is Trump's continuing assault on Obamacare for two reasons. He was unable to replace it so now he wants to repeal it. Second, he is destroying healthcare just by being a terrible leader. He is not a leader.

He is a destroyer.

This effort will fail just as Trumpcare did, but it keeps his war on Obama alive and proves he is not the president of all the people. Not by a long shot. Not by more than fifty million vote shot.

Strike two. He made it an issue again today.

Approval versus impeachment

This is the day when Articles of Impeachment (H. Res. 438) were officially filed. They were filed by a Democrat in the House, Congressman Brad Sherman. I am awarding a third strike because national sentiment favoring impeachment is nearly 50 percent. Trump's national approval has sunk to a new low in the mid-30s.

This is not going away, people. One day he really will be out.