President Donald Trump’s approval numbers hover around 40 percent in most polls. The numbers are understandable considering the controversy surrounding his election and the relentless pounding Trump has been getting in the media. However, as it turns out, Hillary Clinton, the woman he beat for the presidency, is fairing even worse, according to the Bloomberg Poll. Bloomberg has the president’s favorability rating at 41 percent, but Clinton’s at 39 percent. How could this be?

Hillary Clinton is still regarded as evil now as she was during the campaign

Ms. Clinton remains the woman who slimed a 12-year old rape victim in the mid-1970s and enabled her husband’s multiple sexual assaults. The matter of the unsecured email server has still not been resolved, many hope in a trial and conviction. The email scandal is just one of many that have tainted Clinton’s long career in politics going back to Whitewater. She has committed so many heinous acts, which she has denied and been unapologetic about, that one wonders how 39 percent of Americans could regard her with favor.

Democrats blame Hillary for losing to Trump

Bloomberg found that about a quarter of Clinton voters view her unfavorably, a remarkable number, all things considered.

A large number of Democrats blame her for getting beaten by Donald Trump in the election. Clinton voters woke up on Election Day fully expecting that they would be celebrating the election of the first female president of the United States in history. That dream became a nightmare on election night when state after state, some that had not gone Republican in decades, fell to Trump.

The experience was sufficiently traumatizing, such that the scars have not yet healed.

Clinton exacerbated the ire from her former supporters by not accepting responsibility for her defeat. According to her, at various times, it was the Russians, it was misogyny, and it was incompetent advisors, any excuse but the one that mattered.

Hillary Clinton lost because she was not only an appalling candidate but a terrible human being.

The disdain of the Bernie Sanders faction cannot be discounted in the poll numbers. Sanders' supporters are pretty sure that their guy was robbed of the nomination by Hillary followers in the Democratic Party. They also regard the candidate as insufficiently left-wing and pretty much a tool of Wall Street and the corporate elite, both of which poured money into Clinton’s coffers.

The bottom line

Trump has his problems. He remains vulgar and vainglorious, too much given to getting personal on Twitter. He is still learning the job of being president, and his lack of political experience often shows. However, Trump can comfort himself with the thought that despite it all, he would likely still beat Hillary Clinton.