We can either find the grounds now to be done with this maniac. Or we can allow him to do more and more damage until we have learned whatever lesson the deity intends.

There is a complex and just process in reality. Good wins but only when enough of us can see and hear and understand. See Donald Trump. Hear him. Understand him. Then go into your cell and read the beginning of the Sixth Chapter of Isaiah.

There is no more profound poetic understanding of how social evil lodges itself in the world. Both Jesus and Paul freely referenced this majestic and searing passage.

KJV is worth a look.

At bat

It is getting so that the idea of three Strikes a day seems most appropriate for framing these articles. It requires little effort to gather the information needed to prove intentions that would be unbelievable unless corroborated. The following are deemed true beyond the capacity of Trump to sully them with his blanket assault on language itself.

The first strike is the failure of Trumpcare. I have noted this likelihood from the first unveiling in the House of how the Trump forces intended to salvage Obamacare. Add tens of millions to the 40 million who still have no care. Make it impossible for people with pre-existing conditions to even know if more expensive Trumpcare insurance will work.

Rob the poor to add to the wealth of hoarders.

The death knell of Trumpcare

Strike Two another big lie

Trump says he is the biggest winner and the most prolific bill signer in history. He is actually a Wizard of Oz phony.

The NY Times provides a refutation of Trump's egregious claim. Trump's biggest victory to date is the Gorsuch confirmation. The victory was enabled by murderous measures in the Senate under its hapless majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Save the worst for last

You need to know that Trump can fail miserably and lie mindlessly but still inflict mounds of harm.

If there is any sign that shows Trump should be removed ASAP it is his disgusting effort to disguise his, Bannon's and Pam Geller's hatred of Islam. His Muslim Ban in all of its various unconstitutional iterations is a war on consciousness and an offense to reality. Here is a searing account of just how Trump is protecting us from terrorists.

We have repeatedly pointed to Trump's MO which is to inflict harm under the radar. The only stealthy thing about his unpardonable effort is that it goes largely unreported. If we paid as much attention to the fear and terror Donald Trump generates as to his casual insults and headline-grabbing gaffes, we might sooner be rid of him.