President Donald Trump is considered not much popular as compare to the former presidents of the United States, according to the Guardian. But according to the recent polls, he is more popular than his last election opponent, Hillary Clinton.

41% Americans support Trump but only 39% to Hillary

According to the latest Bloomberg polling survey, the net favourability for Donald Trump is 41% whereas Hillary only received 39% net favourability. Trump called Clinton "a crook" and his supporters chanted "lock her up" in the rallies. Hillary always attacked by Trump for her emails.

In a recently published article by New York Times, Trump Jr. even said worse for her in the last summer meeting with Russian Lawyer.

Nevertheless, it would not be right to say that she received all unpopularity due to her double sexist standards. The Bloomberg reported that over 20% supporters of Hillary have the unfavorable view towards her but their negative views are not related to the last year presidential election. They are concerned about the Democratic party's positioning in future elections.

Reason that hit her spotlight

Pollster J. Ann Selzer, who analyzed the survey, gave the reason behind Hillary's falling position in politics.

He told Bloomberg that Hillary has often put Trump into her public speaking, speeches and on Twitter rather than focusing on major politics since losing last presidential elections. Talking about her 2016 favorability then only 35% of men and 43% of women had viewed her favorably.

On Sunday, Washington Post and ABC News released their poll and according to it, President Trump has received 58% disapproval rating.

Trump responded to the poll, saying, "even though almost 40% is not bad at this time" and called ABC/ Washington Post poll "inaccurate" on Twitter.

Will Democrats stand in 2018 and 2020 elections?

Recently, a rumored flew that a California Senator, Kamla Harris would be a Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

Recently, she met with supporters of Clinton in Hamptons. Democratic party talked a lot about Trump and Russia in their defense but now it has struggled to find a new topic to attract Americans in its support.

According to the Post/ABC poll, there are only 37% of Americans who think that Democrats stand for something. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's new slogan to inspire people to vote Dems is considered bad and self-deprecating campaign line by many people.

“Dems are asking people to vote on a new sticker and I’m not sure anyone in history has been as bad as this,” tweeted by Adam Serwer, a senior editor for The Atlantic.