trump is not merely impossible. He is an active opponent of the best this country is. He is a thief of values and robber of integrity. He is so relentless that it is necessary to write specifically of the indignities he commits with evident glee on a daily basis. But first, let's get clear on his motivation and the pretext for his actions.

Selfishness enthroned

Trump spends the bulk of his free time at businesses he owns and where his presence will add to profitability. He thinks people who want profit are wonderful. So he is working to ensure that these wealthy sorts will be free to plunder without regulations or regard for safety or any other ethical benchmark.

He attacks the government with impunity to free funds for these friends. Trump does nothing for his base except keep them fed with insults and lies aimed at those he has trained the base to hate. The latest Trump would like to inflict on us is the US Census. Witness:

Trump's idea of making America great again is restoring a time when people were more comfortable with racism than they are now. A proper census would remind Trump that his days are numbered. He shares that fear with the GOP but he is well on the road to ruin the country, such that repairing the damage will take our children a lifetime to get to where we were when Trump's destructive campaign began.

Read the entire article for the facts. Among them is the stark truth that Trump has not even bothered to staff Census at the highest levels. Similar behavior has marked his entire staffing travesty. He blames Democrats, Obama, or Hillary for his mistakes and shortcomings. Try looking at what he does. He is working on the Bannon playbook.

Deconstruct the government.

The continuing parade of Trump assaults must be understood as very different from the past back and forth that has accompanied presidential transitions. This time we elected a person whose basic mental health was the subject of serious questioning. We elected a man that Mitt Romney called a con artist until he got sucked into the Trump victory wave.

Here for your delectation is the full Romney speech. It has not been contradicted whatsoever:

Buffalo Springfield warned us to stop, look around, and see what's going down. You cannot see what Trump is doing unless you can be a fly on the wall when honest reactions to his terrible acts are spoken. If you wonder why DC has become a flood of leaks, it's due to the President's own unacceptable presence. Only a popular movement can hold this maniacal movement at bay.