As reported by The Daily Caller, CNN may have had their worst week ever in Washington. Following the Trump tweet of a MEME where he was beating up CNN, the way the failing news network reacted, sparked outrage from social media users. CNN sent their flunkies to stalk the user that they claim started the MEME. It turned out that the user was not the creator of the MEME after all. After threatening to expose the Reddit user for posting the GIF, many are now against the network.

With Jim Acosta whining about conservative news networks getting to ask questions at the press briefings, the news platform didn’t need any more backlashes than that.

Sadly, CNN is in panic mode because President Trump is stuck in their heads and they do not know how to react. All CNN had to do was ignore the MEME, and the backlash would have been on President Trump. Because they reacted so childishly, the finger was pointed at them due to their bully tactics.

The MEME war has begun

With fresh new MEME content springing up all over social media, CNN has chosen to do what they should have done to start with, ignore them. Now, there are thousands of MEMEs depicting President Trump beating up CNN. From Star Wars to the Hulk, they are bringing humor back to the spotlight, as many social media users create new ones almost daily.

However, let’s be honest for a moment.

CNN is a news Agency. They really shouldn’t have the time to create new attack content to post on social media. People tune into CNN to see what is happening in the news. So any attempt at retaliation will only create more loss of ratings. That really goes for all the news networks from the Left and the right.

Ratings continue to plummet

According to a rating report from The Federalist website, CNN ratings fell well below re-runs during the primetime slot. Yes, Yogi Bear got more views than CNN during the week of June 26-July 2.

Not only Yogi, but Full House, and Friends out rated Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper. The prime time slot is the time slot that all networks fight for. The reason being, that is when families are all crowded around the TV to spend time with the world.

When prime time news loses out to re-runs that most people have already seen, the networks go into what I champion, “extreme panic mode.” After the networks fall this low in the ratings, the network must scramble to get the interest of the people. However, this is no easy task. Their ratings started falling when President Trump pushed the “fake news” label on CNN. Will they get back the spotlight? Only years will tell. Just watch the MEME compilations.