As if we haven’t heard it all, CNN does something unimaginable. Recently, a young Reddit user posted a meme of Donald Trump beating up what appears to be Vince McMahon. The joke is, McMahon’s head is replaced by the CNN logo. Donald Trump found the meme and posted the GIF on Twitter. Watching Trump’s Twitter like they normally do, CNN instantly started covering the tweet. The coverage has been none stop since Trump tweeted the meme.

The meme turns out to have originated from a young Redditor, whose name remains anonymous. However, the boy was threatened by CNN if he did not remove the meme.

Not wanting his true identity revealed, the young man removed the meme. CNN then told the youngster that if he posts anything of that nature again, they would expose his identity, The Daily Caller reports. So many Americans are asking the same question: “When did the media start blackmailing average American citizens? The even bigger question is why has CNN resorted to threatening young people?

Reddit’s strict 'shadow ban' policy

Unlike many social media websites, Reddit has a blocking procedure that they call “shadow banning.” When you get shadow banned, no one can see your posts but you. The ban comes when Reddit admin have deemed your content “inappropriate.” Inappropriate content would include spam, racist, or extremely offensive content, such as ISIS beheading videos.

Over the years, Reddit has gotten even stricter and started “shadow banning” due to political beliefs. If someone is a Democrat, and goes into a Republican subreddit and cause trouble, the admin will usually shadow ban that user. So, if the admin thought the meme was inappropriate, then no one would have even seen the meme to start with.

So if we could see the meme, the user was not shadow banned. It seems that the only ones that took offense were CNN executives.

The coverage of the tweet gave Russia a break

As you may already know, I have written a series of articles exposing CNN for their false collusion narrative. Since Trump was elected as president, CNN has pushed the narrative that the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia, during the campaign process.

With no proof or evidence of any kind, CNN has pushed this “fake news” nonstop since the election. Project Veritas has done a series of CNN exposés, including the CNN CEO telling CNN writers to cover the Russia collusion story to get ratings.

With CNN already in the “hot seat,” it is hard to believe they would stoop so low as to threaten a young American for posting a meme about them. Yet, it is no surprise when you hear Jim Acosta whine at press briefings about the cameras not being on, or how Sean Spicer calls on more conservative reporters than he does Democrat reporters. That is funny, considering that those few conservative reporters that are present, the press corp considers them “Existential threats,” The Daily Caller reports.