Over the past decade, illegal immigration has reached staggering numbers. So much so, that reports claim we are entering an all-time high. Immigration shelters all across the country have reached maximum capacity.

Mexico’s new president, Lopez Obrador expressed optimism Tuesday that the U.S. and Mexico could strike a deal on immigration before the scheduled June 10 implementation of President Donald Trump’s tariff on products from Mexico. Both leaders realize that trade from Mexico is an essential part of American life.

Last month, amid the U.S.

and Mexico reaching essential trade deals, president Trump had threatened to put massive tariffs on Mexico if the Mexican government doesn't help the U.S. border control with the enormous influx of immigrants flooding over the border.

Mr. Trump weighed in on the matter using Twitter.

Regarding House Republican support

According to the president, the House Republicans support the tariffs.

He then threatened to VETO any attempt by the House Democrats to overstep his duties of protecting U.S. citizens. He was quoting GOP leader Kevin McCarthy who has been incredibly vocal regarding the border crisis.

“There are apparent signs that it matters to the U.S. officials that there’s a deal,” President Lopez Obrador said in a news conference, Reuters reported.

President Obrador went on to acknowledge that there is indeed a crisis at the border.

Trump said the tariffs would affect trade goods coming from Mexico unless it makes efforts to stop the flow of Central American migrants passing through Mexico on their way to the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to the New York Times, border arrests have surged to a seven-year high since Mr.

Trump announced the threat of the tariffs against Mexican trade. The Times wrote that the number of arrests almost doubled in May, alone.

The huge surge in border arrests last month

Interestingly, 144,278 migrants were arrested by Border Protection Agents along the southwest border from May 1 to the present. That is a staggering 32 percent increase from April. However, the attempts to cross the border by asylum seekers don't seem to be slowing down.

Sky News published a tweet that shows a video of the mass influx of migrants crossing the border. The video shows 1,036 migrants are caught on CCTV.

Trump announced the surge to put pressure on Mexico to meet with him.

Trump said if they refused to help with the crisis, action would be taken immediately.

Moreover, the Times also reported that Vice President Mike Pence, along with other top officials, is set to meet, Wednesday, with Mexico’s top diplomats to discuss ways to protect women and children who make the long trek across Mexico, as well as how they can help the countries where the migrants are exiting.

Additionally, President Obrador said Mexico has a drafted proposal that it will present to U.S. officials in Washington, D.C., during the meeting.