Silent Revolution is a new and nonviolent suggestion based on observation of what has worked recently and what I believe can create a better future for us all. What is original about the notion of a silent revolution? No mass movement can be without a purpose. No gathering of hundreds or thousands can be silent.

But there is a method to what may seem madness.


By silent revolution, I mean that participation affirms a cluster of goals. A demonstration's purpose can simply be to show support tor positive and progressive objectives without offering a detailed platform.

It is enough to know that we do want attention to the environment, a reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, control of violent behavior, money out of politics and tolerance toward all.

No platform needed

If the media is the message, the media in this scenario is a group of peaceful people walking together in a non-confrontational but public demonstration for a change, for progress. The less emphasis on a leader, or some organization that can be skewered as subversive, the better. We know that around a cluster of good issues there is a substantial popular support.

It works

The power of such demonstrations has already been made clear.

I have witnessed them where I live, which happens to be a step or two from Broadway in NYC where it meets Sixth Avenue and 34th Street. This is a focal point for demonstrations of all sorts. The biggest and best have been peaceful, upbeat and inclusive. When police have blocked them at an intersection they turn and walk on another way.

It is wonderful to see.

On the cusp

I am looking for a time when such demonstrations will become global. They already are beginning to. They will be described by media as being for imperishable values like democracy, tolerance, and helpfulness. There need be no other reason in a world whose leaders are now tasked with the obligation to fight climate change, rid the world of nukes and bring economies to some level of fairness to all.

No violence

Nonviolence will be no laughing matter if silent revolution becomes the way of the future. I have been in that movement and you are always at risk when it is known you will not fight back. There will be casualties. But consider a leaderless, global movement powered by explicit values alone. Consider it moving forward strengthened not only by victory but in defeat.


I could not write this morning because I was thinking about whether there was anything that could be said that made any real sense. This is my answer.