According to the Daily Caller, Van Jones, A CNN contributor, is trying to back-peddle away from the statement he made to a Project Veritas reporter. The reporter approached Van Jones and asked him about the Russia story. Jones replied stating: "Russia thing is a nothing burger." He said it plain as day. Now, after seeing the video, he is trying to take back his statement and is receiving backlash from both sides of the isle.

Just on Wednesday Project Veritas released the video which depicts the CNN producer saying that the Russia "thing" is only for ratings.

As the video has gone viral, he's trying to say that the reporter took his statement out of context, yet, what he said is as plain as the nose on his face. How can he possibly mean anything else by stating that Russiagate is a "big fat nothing burger"?

Who is Van Jones?

Van Jones, a contributor for CNN and a former member of the Obama admin, has been part of CNN for years but, unless you are an avid CNN fan, chances of you ever seeing him are slim. Jones has been known for his "race-baiting" and controversial statements while guest appearing on the CNN network. The statement he made about the Russia collusion story leans towards CNN being nothing more than a propaganda organization.

The bias of Van Jones and the rest of the CNN crew has been in the spotlight since the election of President Trump.

Since then, CNN has reported 90 percent of the negative reports about the president. With that being said, according to a recent Gallop poll, the American people are slowly turning away from the media outlet. The poll suggests that American trust in the media has rapidly dwindled since the 2016 election. This could be due to the constant attacks against the president and the failed attempts to make America believe Russia and Trump were in collusion.

Van Jones responds to the video

As things started heating up for Van Jones, he tried to say that he believes Trump colluded with Russia, but can’t prove it.

So, as it stands, Russiagate is still a "nothing burger," The Daily Caller reports. So, what made Van Jones backtrack his statement? Probably the millions of dollars CNN pays him for his perfidious statements on national television. That would be my guess.

As CNN fails more and more each week to prove Russiagate, they fall deeper and deeper into trouble with the American people. But like the CEO of CNN said, there is no money in anything other than bashing Trump. So, how many journalists have fallen into this trap of lies? With a little research, the numbers will surprize you. See the video for yourselves.