Hey, Aries! Welcome to today’s daily horoscope, brought to you by Astrologer Megan Wilson.The burning question is: What can you expect and how should you approach your today? Let’s take a look.

What to expect

Today, Aries is indeed a good day for you. As the Moon is direct in Sagittarius, you may be called upon to give a friend some help. It could be in the form of advice, or it could be that he or she needs a loan. You can look forward to a gathering of kindred spirits soon, and you will be one of the unique ones on the guest list. And surprise, surprise -- you can expect to cross paths with someone who'll be quite appealing to you for some reasons.

Now is not the time to ask ‘why.' Just go with the flow.

You’re a pretty reasonable and rational thinker, Aries. But when it comes to making up your mind about something, it’s typical that you go with your gut feelings, which help you in navigating the unknown terrain. However, you’ve been spending a lot of time lately, wondering about which direction you should take, regarding a certain matter. Today, Aries, you'll feel a slight form of apathy. The stars want you to remember that the Universe helps those who help themselves.

You are likely to receive some acknowledgment from your peers or seniors at work for the good job you have done. See? Everything will turn out fine! You can smile and feel happy about everything you have achieved.

If you have a rising sign in Sagittarius, you can let yourself be treated with great romance by Venus — the goddess of love.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Aries, be honest with your friends -- one of them, in particular, might be in need of some constructive criticism. Take the opportunity to tell them as it is and give them some tough love, if you discover that they are living too recklessly.

If you are in a gloomy mood, Aries, don’t just sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Put yourself out there and get some sunshine. Hang around positive people -- those who make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Remember, there is a big world out there to explore, so don’t limit your existence to the four corners of your house!

Stay positive and don’t let yourself get bogged down with any heavy thoughts. You have the choice to be happy!

For those of you who are having a hard time making a decision, perhaps it's time to call in a little backup. Go ahead and think things over with the one person you trust most in the world. Don’t you dare lose sight of your practical side!

Try focusing your energies on sport or experimenting in cooking new foods. Finally, the stars advise you to allow yourself to widen your circle of friendships. You never know what you might stumble upon! Wear something green to attract good luck today.

Well, Aries, thanks for reading your daily horoscope for today. Be sure to come back to read your daily horoscope for tomorrow and have a great weekend!