From day one, President Trump has considered any negative media reports regarding him and his administration as fake news. Now our commander in chief is defending his son seeking information from Russians on Hillary Clinton as opposition research.

Donald Trump continues to be a master manipulator

President Trump continues to be a smooth operator and master manipulator. He uses a calm voice and a quiet demeanor to say things to the Ameican people that simply are not true. Without batting an eyelash or blinking an eye The Donald will refute facts and redirect attention away from the issues that matter.

This morning CNN showed a video clip of our commander in chief downplaying the fact that his son Donald Jr. was seeking information from the Russians against Hillary Clinton.

Softly and gently the leader of the free world utilized another creative phrase to confuse the American people and throw them off track regarding the seriousness of his son's misdeeds. President Trump said that Donald Jr. was simply doing opposition research. The dictionary defines this term as investigating the dealings of a political opponent in order to discredit them. This is done in local state and federal political arenas but never before has anyone sought help from the Russians. Therein lies the problem.

Trump takes researching an opponent to another level., and still he co

Those running for political office often run televised ads that are negative and against their opponent. If prior presidential candidates have sought information from foreign sources regarding the person running against them it has not been made public. What makes this so bad is the fact that the Obama Administration placed sanctions against Russia.

And those in the Trump regime immediately begin going out of their way even prior to the election to befriend and gain information from the Russians that could be used against Hillary Clinton.

CNN announced the president's approval rating has dropped to 36% Increasing numbers of Americans believe Donald Jr. was out of line in his actions and The Donald simply blows it all off as if none of it matters.The investigation into the Russian collusion now has the President's son and his son in law under the microscope.

Many believe it will not be long before the evidence leads directly to Donald Trump himself and still, he continues to try to fake out those he swore to serve by insisting on fake news and now opposition research.