There are four things we can control that would change history if Donald Trump would either change or disappear. We could continue to have fewer children. We could stop owning and driving cars. We could say no to transatlantic flying. And we could stop most meat consumption and go mainly vegetarian. This is a brief index of your chances of having an effect.

Short term profits

Donald Trump is paving the way to short term profits and long term genocide. Incidentally, for the false news detectives among you, the following statements are true. Not only that, they will lead to a definite increase in Global warming.

If you believe global warming is not happening I will rest my case on the following tweet from NASA.

The language suggests that even if there is a case to be made for minimizing human responsibility, the change cannot be denied. Regardless of the causes, it is happening.

The big but

The major hurdle in defeating the effects of warming lies in creating a global movement to defeat the seemingly-runaway introduction of carbon into the atmosphere. There is some fear that despite changes in our behavior the actual pace may be increasing at an unprecedented rate. This strikes me as a huge story that has been buried.

though it is very recent.

Read this story. Engrave it on your mind. Pass it on to the carbon change deniers.

Presidential malfeasance

But realize that the contentions of this article have merit. Trump is engaging in criminal malfeasance in the face of measurements he denies.

His lieutenants led by Scott Pruitt are servants of the fossil fuels moguls and the entire world is now operating on tenterhooks.

Climate change is being fought globally but being opposed in the USA by our barely elected President and those of us who continue to drive cars, etc.

Let's look at what we can do

The population is largely a function of poverty.

The more chance your child will not survive, the more babies for insurance. Population is not foremost among the US problems. Driving cars is rampant, ignored, absurd and is definitely something we can control. One might argue that destroying the car economy is a worthy activity.

Spiking carbon

What about that transatlantic flying business? This traffic spikes carbon. Air Force One is the poster child for global warming. Does anyone believe the flying business will fall until the writing is not merely on the wall but in the consciousness of enough people to bring the business down?

On lowering and perhaps eliminating meat consumption, a good idea that may have momentum long term. Trump would probably call eschewing fast food unpatriotic.