Whenever you believe President Trump cannot possibly get any worse he finds a way to outdo himself. He looks into the crowd or the camera and says things that contradict what Americans are seeing with their own eyes. Now he has the nerve to say that because of him, the world will no longer laugh at America. In truth, he is the sole reason the world is laughing at us now.

The latest fake news from the president

Since Thursday when the president pulled America out of the climate change deal, CNN has been re-playing his most recent comments. Donald Trump said the world will no longer laugh at America.

This is truly unbelievable as the world is laughing at this nation now more than they ever had and it is all because of number 45. Four months into his presidency and The Donald continues to say whatever he believes the situation calls for with no regard for accuracy.

How is it possible that the man who is supposed to lead out nation has no clue that he is the biggest joke Americans have ever seen. His daily twitter rants and lying on his predecessor have raised the eyebrows of world leaders. Donald Trump has offended our allies while continuing to show support for the Kremlin. The president's approval ratings are decreasing and the outcry to have him impeached is growing. And there he stands to say the world will no longer laugh a the USA.

That in itself is very laughable indeed.

America is the laughing stock of the world

Donald Trump has in 4 months in office caused this nation to be the laughing stock of the entire world. Our nation used to be the one other countries looked to when they desired a role model. Now everyone is watching to see what crazy tweets, fake news, and alternative facts will come from number 45 next.

Right now news reporters are trying to get an answer from the president as to whether he believes climate change is a hoax. Neither the POTUS nor his representatives will give an answer.

The once respected office of the president of the United States is fodder for late night jokes on a regular basis. CNN news hosts have panels of "experts" nightly talking with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper who rip apart everything President Trump has said on that particular day.

On Friday Paul Begala, a Democratic Strategist, told Anderson Cooper that our 45th president is "nuts". With people in this nation being so outspoken with criticism towards him, how can Donald Trump not see that the world is also laughing at America and at him? How does he continue to stand before U.S. citizens and say things that we can see for ourselves are not true. It really is a sad day in America.