Pastor John Hagee has never been shy about mixing church and state. He wrote a book entitled "Day of Deception" in which he referred to then-President Bill Clinton as Ahab and his wife Hillary as being in control like Jezebel. Over the years on his television broadcast, he has emphasized his support for the Republican administration. According to CBN news, Hagee believes the Russian investigation is a witch hunt and refers to Democrats as obstinate.

John Hagee is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump

Pastor Hagee makes no secret of the fact that he is an avid supporter of President Donald Trump.

He told CBN that he is confident that during the Trump presidency the capitol of Israel will be moved to Jerusalem. Hagee stated that this current administration is the most pro-Israel in his lifetime and that the Obama administration had shown itself to be anti-Israel. In April, Hagee met with President Trump to discuss foreign affairs, which included Israel.

According to Charisma News, Hagee wrote an open letter to the President in May, telling him he would soon have a Truman moment. In the correspondence which was published in the Washington Times, John Hagee mentioned how in 1948 President Harry Truman had to choose between supporting Israel and siding with the rest of the world. Truman stood his ground and sided with Israel which became a nation again in that year.

What happens when Russian collusion proves to be true?

John Hagee is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in El Paso, Tx. He is known around the world for deciphering biblical prophecy. Hagee has put himself out there with his views on the Russian investigation. Hagee is respected in most Christian circles and so many will believe what he says as a man of God.

His credibility will be on the line, however, should the stories of Russian collusion turn out to be true. If hard evidence comes in that links the President to Russia, then Donald Trump more than likely will be impeached.

If this happens then John Hagee and all the other preachers who said God chose Donald Trump will look pretty bad.

They will never be trusted again. They will be viewed as false prophets by most of the church and lose credibility. Perhaps this is why the Founding Fathers instituted the separation of church and state. Preachers like John Hagee spend more time putting down Democrats than saving souls. It will be interesting to see how things unfold.