If you went by weather alone, you might believe that nothing was wrong. It’s hotter this year than last year in one place. But it may be cooler where I am tomorrow. It’s just difficult to see climate change in real time. You must give the subject time and research to truly grasp the reality of the thing.

Media Subterfuge

If you try to get answers from the news, you will hear a lot about wars, intrigue, and politics. You’ll hear daily that there are clumsy dishonest clowns taking over The White House, little hyenas messing about in Russia, and a lot of horrific, shocking, and embarrassing possibilities looming in the future.

But all these topics are comparatively insignificant when considering a global mass extinction. It’s as if the general populous is being led to believe that the reality of global extinction is irrelevant.d

Social Ignorance

If you get your information from Facebook, well I’m not sure whether that’s a spaghetti bowl or a rat’s nest of opinions. There may not be a difference. People often choose what they believe are facts. Your social media oriented head is likely filled with mixed thoughts and feelings that might include Sean Spicer, Descendants 2, or Kit Harrington or something as equally and relatively irrelevant.

Google the words, “climate change, and you will get in the ballpark of 189,000,000 hits.

That’s a lot of people asking questions! So, why does it seem that no one is talking about it? Should it not be the only thing we talk about? Should we not be trying at least to figure out how to continue to survive once the earth becomes uninhabitable for humans? You know, since climate change scientists are finding that things are much worse than we ever imagined?!

Or do we just curl up in a ball and die?

Idiocy is trending

Trending Google searches are centered on cute dogs, cats, and/or Kim Kardashians. I am beginning to think that a large portion of our population is incapable of comprehending the implications of climate change. Are we really more interested in what is happening on some innocuous or irrelevant reality show than what really horrific thing is soon to befall the entire planet?

Is mucking about in the narcissistic world of Twitter enough to salve the agony of existential futility?

CNN has no problem covering ominous, frightening, and shocking topics every day. At the end of each, the same topics are run into the ground. Every 24 hours it seems I am becoming a little more desensitized to the absurdity of what is passing for day to day news. As though reality is being distorted to the point of unrecognizability.

The human ostrich

Netflix has a paltry few movies about climate change. They run alongside unrealistic and unscientific disaster movies such as, “Volcano," which features some ridiculousness about a volcano in the middle of Los Angeles California.

Why go to all the trouble of making a movie about a scary fake disaster when you have the beginnings of the one and only largest human disaster… ever, right here, right now?

Because the reality of it is just unthinkable. You just can’t end that movie well.

So now, the air and radio waves are filled with the mindless chatter of a species gone completely insane from Cognitive Dissonance. Will that be the way we go? In complete denial, all the while as we perish. Was the movie Idiocracy art imitating life or life imitation art? Reality is now decided in the land of fiction and motion pictures. If only motion pictures could satisfy the thirsty or dim the sun!