President Donald Trump's well wishes for Senator McCain came across to many as insincere and with good reason. During his presidential campaign, the Donald said McCain was not a war hero because he got captured. Now the POTUS is sending thoughts and prayers to the McCain family.

Donald Trump cannot be trusted

President Trump has shown that he cannot be trusted with what he says. He told the American people that he had a good meeting with his predecessor Barack Obama, then later tweeted that the former POTUS was a bad sick man when he accused him of wiretapping Trump tower.

His comments about John McCain not being a hero were considered very disrespectful considering the Senator endured torture and made it back home alive.

This is why some Americans do not believe the Donald is sincere regarding the wishes from himself and wife Melania. Our commander in chief continues to conduct himself like a school yard bully. He will praise people as long as he believes they are on his side. Once he perceives they have betrayed him, real or imagined he flips the script and bad mouths them on Twitter. Most recently it was former Senator Jeff Sessions who was thrown under the bus.

President Trump nominated Sessions for Attorney General and spoke highly of him. Now that he has recused himself from the Russia issue, the Donald is bad mouthing Jeff Sessions saying he should never have hired him.

The American people cannot take at face value anything that number 45 says, because he may make an opposing statement soon after. His turn around regarding John McCain is not being taken as coming from the heart because of this two faced behavior from our national leader.

John McCain is indeed a hero

Donald Trump had to make some public response because John McCain is a Senator in his cabinet.

The POTUS really would have been taken to task had he not extended a greeting to the McCain family from himself and his wife. Still, some people on Twitter condemned what The President wrote, saying it was impersonal compared to what was written by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Senator John McCain is indeed a hero, and everyone knows this including Donald Trump.

It is just sad that we have a President who must always put others down to shine the light on himself. John McCain completed his assignment and made it back from a situation that could have resulted in his death. President Trump, on the other hand, may not even make it through his first year in office if Democrats have their way.