trump lives to please the Establishment of which he has never been a part. He has tried mightily but he was always frozen out. He tried pasting his name all over, but NYC would never have him. He became best friends with Roy Cohn, another poster child for most unpopular. Finally, Trump just decided that was the way things are. And he has been showing the establishment that he is real and they are just people like him with no heart or soul.

The establishment is working to keep Trump in check. That is what all the leaks are for. Trump doubles the leaks with stuff he and Mooch write.

The swamp is now a fetid stream fighting for river status. "Animal House" had nothing on this.

Another viewpoint in today's NYT

The problem is that Trump has pushed the freedom envelope available to the establishment beyond the ordinary limits that privilege sets. His mischief is that of a rogue, not of someone who plays by the establishment rules. This article thinks Trump can be defeated by his current effort to hold his base and his evident disregard for everyone else with the exception of fawners.

The establishment is powerless before Trump

The fact is that his base and its edges are his only hope. Only they would tolerate what Trump probably wants.

That would be complete control of the country. If he is fighting a war with the establishment and relying on his base, what could be more logical than to give them - the base - the country.

Tongue-speaking base of Trump

This has been the agenda of a certain brand of Christianity for more than a half century. I have sat in a tongue-speaking storefront and watched unlettered preachers say through clenched teeth that we are gonna get the country back.

This is why people who know what I know are not wrong when they compare part of Trump's base to the Arabs who want sharia law to become universal. This took place in Boulder City, NV, in 1982.

Resentment forever

So rogue Donald finds in his base the very same resentment he has had forever. Good grooming does not work. Lots of money does not work.

The Manhattan establishment had Trump's number from the get-go. And as a knowing rogue, he knew their hypocrisy. The base knows it is just as wise as the monster billionaires and anger can cover a lot of space between destitution and wealth.

We are just glimpsing the solution

We have to go bipartisan in every way and even the playing field. The losers should be the totalitarian-inclined on the right and most of the establishment. And Donald should be sent home for cruelty and harm crimes.