If you think really hard about North Korea you hit a brick wall. A nuclear conflict endangers the entire globe. The situation is much worse when Truman followed hawks to the fatal first use of the A-bomb. A nuclear conflict with unfavorable winds would probably leave no one unaffected.

So the military option against a mad man in North Korea is about as predictable as anyone lobbing the same at Trump would be. No wonder people are worried, So was Obama. But he would not negotiate directly with Kim without conditions.

The lay of the land

This is what Washington is looking at.

The dumbest decision in the world would be to provoke an attack. On a scale of one to ten, any military action whatsoever would be seen as an act of war. It would be not merely wrong but probably suicidal.

You can imagine that the one-to-ten scale minus suicidal acts would be from little bitty sanctions to real big squeezing sanctions. These would carry risks related to whatever level of mayhem North Korea AKA Kim might be provoked to inflict. Think a bit more.

A one time wonder

There is only one solution that has come to mind in my little world. It is crazy but we are dealing with a crazy situation. It sits Trump and Kim down Face To Face somewhere on the planet with no one else in the room.

Trump would lay it out.

Trump says: "We may be crazy but we are not (entirely) suicidal. We need to walk out of here with a deal. I need to know what you want. And you need to know what I want."

It will never happen

If Dennis Rodman who shares eccentricities with Donald Trump can charm Kim maybe Trump can too, Maybe he can take some of his base along to fraternize and sororitize with the rank and file.

Whatever it takes I can imagine nothing that would vindicate Trump more than for him to do something no one would dream of doing. It might be stupendous. But I doubt Trump would go for the idea because for one thing he will never hear it. I do not have an in with FOX News.

Back to the drawing board

Maybe I have not seen the solution.

An alternative would be a delay with the condition we under no circumstances bomb North Korea. Time can on occasion be a saving grace. We could then go back to normal which is wanting Trump out of office.

But here we have suggested Trump might have a function. What I propose is what only someone with his mentality could do.

I doubt Trump will see this tweet. It only had a few thousand retweets. I don't know what registers with the man. But just imagine the faces of those Lebanese cab drivers should Donald prove the savior of the world by actually making a deal with Kim.