Donald trump is a daily offense to decency, culture, and democracy itself. He calls Reince into his office and orders him to kill a fly. He leaves his former Chief Of Staff on the tarmac after firing him. He tolerates and may well venerate his new Mooch toy after the new communications director calls Rience a paranoid schizophrenic in a profanity-laced conversation with Ryan Lizza.

Like it isn't

Trump is celebrated by his adoring followers because he "tells it like it is". Everyone reading this including the author may have all manner of unspeakable thoughts among the welter of signs that arise in our minds.

That does not mean we regard them as worth passing on to the world. Trump is a poster child for arrested mentality. People who follow him are either to be forgiven for putting money on a dictatorial child or chided for sticking with someone who wills to do harm -- which is evil.

Don't celebrate yet

The proof of the pudding is the instructive message embedded below. It shows the exact things Trump is doing to achieve the collapse of Obamacare. It is too early to celebrate the demise of Trumpcare in Congress. That was predictable. What is also predictable is that unless Trump is removed, he will continue to savage the legacy of the former president.

What this amounts to is vastly more than what has implied in the text above.

Trump can kill funding for Obamacare. He can use his dictatorial pulpit to spread lies about Obamacare. And he can keep instructing his Cabinet to do all they can do to crush anything associated with Barack Obama.

Trump betrays his base except in one sad way

Trump betrays his base in every way but one.

Everything he does is a finger in the eye of the amorphous reality of the millions who the base has no use for. In other words, it is hate, blind hate, fortified by a vocabulary strong on keywords that relate to liberalism. It was painfully obvious in the final exhibit in this presentation.

Inciting violence

This video is right up there with the Kahn attack and the grope video.

It reveals the ugly side of this person. Trump is a shameful human being who has just appointed a Marine general to replace his civilian Chief of Staff. We are not on a level trajectory. We are on a slippery slope and each day we get more and more corroboration that we have a man in office who needs to be gone.

How to get Trump gone

One way is to have the truth spoken by enough in Congress so that the 25th Amendment can be invoked. It is the provision that declares the president unfit for office. If ever anyone qualified he is the inciting human being in the video above.