It's Sunday in a 24/7 world. North Korea is said to be able to reach LA. A spontaneous bomber is (intermittently) in the White House. He already has two bombings under his belt. The question of whether Trump is Fit To Serve is being melded with another question: What about his new chief of staff, General Kelly? What will happen when Trump and Kelly clash?

Kelly seems like an immovable object

Kely was brought in to restore order to Trump's White House. Almost everybody in the nation understands that the heart of the disorder is Donald Trump himself.

I cannot imagine Kelly saying to Donald Trump: "I will take the job if you will give me your full loyalty." But that is what it would take for Trump to mend his ways enough to be fit to serve.

How long will this be an open question?

To answer the matter of timing, we need to surmise what will be on the President's mind this weekend and tomorrow and the next day, There is gossip about Hillary's forthcoming book which will raise Trump hackles. Whether they will activate his fingers is another question. There is also the fact that he was lambasted for his Boy Scout performance and his speech advocating that police go hard on the people they arrest.

Trump's tweet-trigger plate is overflowing

In addition to these issues, there is the big Russia matter.

If you take this out of the narrow impeachment window and move it over to the unfit to serve bay window, there is much more leeway in what is known and what may come to be known, for a House led 25th Amendment effort to remove Trump. Malfeasance of any sort is fair game, and all it will take is Pence and other GOP worthies acting to savage the man they have been slavishly following for months.

Frosting on the cake?

Here are some corroborating leads that will set this table.

I anticipate a defensive reaction by Trump. What effect will Kely have?

My money is on Trump. I see Kelly starting to add up reasons why he should never have taken the job.

A coup in the works?

The Salon article should be carefully read. The author states: "It is ironic but in an authoritarian regime-change situation, the individual matters more than [in] democracy. " Snyder is convinced this effort is coming. My sense is that a year is too long to wait and the Trump needs to be removed ASAP and that the best route will be the 25th Amendment unfit to serve approach.

A final note

This must read been noted for several days and deserves careful attention. It may open some doors to the use of the unfit to serve argument by firming up some connections that show where our country may be heading.