I came to Blasting News last March. Since that time I have written mainly about Donald Trump. This has not been by choice. There are many things I care about much more than the doings of Mr. T. This week I have been titling all my Trump articles with the starting words "End Game". I had a reason.

Games can win or lose

End Game suggests a game. A game can go two ways.

Most would assume these articles are about saying goodbye to Trump. Believe me, that would be my preference, but this afternoon's offerings have little to do with saying so long to Donald.

The choice is he goes we lose big time

I have stated from the beginning that if Trump remains in office we will move more and more into an actual dictatorship. The president will join the ranks of Duterte, Putin, and Erdogan -- men who have thrown away even a pretense of democracy. Their records speak for themselves,

A passive populace

The remarkable thing is that if I was to say that in a conversation I do not think I would get much of an argument. People seem resigned to the probability that we are in for a season of authoritarianism that will tighten its grip as it progresses. There have been studies that show there is less commitment to democracy than we might suppose. The behavior of the GOP in Congress has been nothing if not compliant.

Even Democratic leaders have been very guarded in their reactions. Perhaps being as old as I am and accustomed to speaking what I see as the truth makes me freer that I might feel if I were half my age with a family at home. The fact is that nothing about Trump cows me. I have known his type. Some are fine and some like Trump are definitely not fine.

I had better hurry to share the little squibs I have gathered to make my point with.

Trump does not want order. He wants martial law in his own household.

Father Fred had it and Donald will too dammit. This will bite him badly though and whet his appetite for more martial law.

Sally Yates warns us still

You don't need further comment. These are chilling words. They are straight out of the 1930s. I hope Reince sounds a serious alarm. He has been horribly compromised as evidenced by his sad performance at a Cabinet meeting when he bowed to a Trump order to be nice to him. It was disgusting. I hope he sees the light now and does not issue a puling statement lauding the president.

Trump is an inciting, dictatorial human being

This clip is not funny and the applause is chilling.

Not funny but a warning. We have had them from the beginning. But if Trump's people are willing to go with this they are accepting the logic of a man who is accurately described by Sally Yates, right on the page you are reading. I was born in 1936. We do not need to go back. We need to evolve ethically and move forward.