When history is written disarray - an amalgamation of confusion, randomness, and impotence - will dominate the White House and therefore the nation. Because there has to be an end to it I have chosen to surmise that the month of October will see the climax of Mr. trump's apprenticeship as president. End Game is a continuing documentation of reasons why.

Mooch and the evolution of the word Mouchee

This morning it came to me that very soon the exclamation "Moochee" - a version of the refined fencing term "touche" - will likely emerge as a signature of this utterly surreal moment in history.

When profanity approaches the edge of being disturbing, people will call out "Moochee." Who knows? But we can definitely suggest that Mr. Scaramucci is a near-fatal sign of stasis and disarray. He makes the term loose cannon obsolete. He is a regurgitating death barrage.

For clarity, this man is now practically Trump's number two guy. He is a hater of Reince Priebus. He is utterly inexperienced at directing communications in the White House - his job. He has said that he plans to fire his entire staff. He is Trump's alter-echo. The evidence:

The New Yorker piece and the entire story will convince you that we have reached never-last land.

That's not all

I said yesterday that I anticipated a vast outpouring of gay demonstrating following the Justice Department's swipe at gays yesterday.

Get up to speed on the matter below. I may have called it wrong. But to be entirely clear, I have surmised that for Trump his tenure can only be extended if he plays the dictator card. It's explained in this prior End Game.

A damning context

You will note from the following sane dispatch that as Trump is fiddling, Rome (AKA the rest of the planet) threatens to burn.

Honestly, it is not clear that what the U.S. fails to do is harmful or not until you get down to cases. But the president is supposed to be a global person and Donald Trump has already proved that he can spend an entire week on himself without missing a beat.

Hegelian synthesis?

Maybe we can say that the Obama thesis and the Trump antithesis will emerge as a new synthesis, but that is in the future.

Before that, we need to be rid of Trump. Does anything said on this page make that event more likely? A reasonable perspective is that putting Trump and Mooch in the same room is a recipe for just what is said here. It cannot achieve anything like momentum for the Trump agenda.

This is because Trump's agenda is flawed to the point of being a permanent legislative failure. See the next End Game.