Politics is the art of the possible. The problem is that real solutions to our problems are nearly impossible. That is why trump has some strength. His populism is weak and woefully unable to govern. But things roll along, and we have been in a fifty-year form of tentatively and gridlock. Why?

Warming up

Whatever the cause Global warming is real and when you zap fossil fuels, you are talking a lot more than an adjustment to an Elon Musk world. Batteries and driverless cars will not get us out of the hole that is coming. And that is just one of the unmet challenges.

Basic justice

If we lump all of the issues that come under the heading of fundamental justice we have something that overshadows global warming. We cannot survive as a gun-infested, segregated and increasingly divided society with martial law breathing down our necks. We cannot have Donald Trump breathing fire and exacerbating everything. This is already coming to a head and is the most plausible pretext for the emergence of a Trump dictatorship or his ouster.

The huge challenge

If you think democrats are foolhardy enough to deal realistically with the above paragraph, think again. Even those with some spine should be daunted by issues like immigration, schools, guns and prison reform, just a few of the things that molder under the heading of achieving justice in the USA.

After global warming and justice come well-being of both the environment and ourselves. Trump regards public places like our national parts as exploitable business bonanzas. For all his big talk about confronting opioids, he is unable to stave off the damage he has already set in motion. His regulatory attacks on Obama are leeching decency from the nation.

There is much more that the Democrats cannot deal with adequately. The answer to automation is universal basic income which has about as much chance of getting a majority today as Hillary winning n 2020.

Single payer is in the same boat. The best Democratic posture is to let polls like the one noted below serve as a warning. Relax and wait. The people will determine your time of resurgence.

Endless gridlock is the people's choice

Right now Trump is getting pulverized in the legislative arena. He scores nasty and harmful wins under the radar. We need to see the real results of his disgusting continuation of the racist McConnell attack on Obama. We need to witness the open and continuing wrecking of Obamacare. If that is measurable, we can start hoping for something better than John Ossoff nearly winning a doomed race.

When harm becomes openly felt and understood, change will come. It will be easy, and the Dems will need answers on the issues suggested here.